Faith House Child & Youth Development Cntr.
"Preparing the next generation of Leaders"

"Preparing the next generation of Leaders"

About Us

 Faith House founded by Miss Phyllis Lingard in 1994 due to the response of the youth she encountered in the community and the school system, who had lost "Faith" in themselves, their community and some in life. 

Faith House’s mission is to inspire, motivate, educate and empower youth served with the skills needed to make positive choices in their lives and to become valuable resources in the workforce as well as their communities.

 In response to the needs of the West Side youth, Faith House, Inc.  has developed a community specific program with the goal of enhancing self-esteem, education, core values, to transform the destructive mentality that threatens the growth of these youth.

This educational  component has a unique and dual purpose.  It offers the tools needed to address the specific problems stated above while equipping the youth with the skills needed to cope with two worlds; the current life that we now live and the progression to the positive adult life they strive to live.  In accordance with its mission, 

            The goal of the  is to build the capacity of West Side youth through developing the skills of the youth to make positive choices in their lives so they will become empowered resources in their community. 

            This program also builds upon the strength of the community, children, and other resources to address the specific needs of this population.  TYLC  is unique because it functions from a multi-cultural perspective that seeks to recognize and encourage the cultural heritages that contribute to the health of this community.  This approach is geared towards preparing the youth with sufficient life skills to meet the competitive demands of the 21st century.


Bridgeport, CT 06605
Phone: (203) 870-9445

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