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"Preparing the next generation of Leaders"

"Preparing the next generation of Leaders"


I've Got your Back & Impact Training Program

Faith House provides a wide range of services. All of our services are performed by highly-qualified instructors who adhere to strict standards. We can combine any of our services to provide the perfect fit for your child.

Prepare 4 Care
A preparatory training program in conjunction with Career Resources and Department of Labor.  Participants enroll in a seven (5) week training that will prepare them for entrepreneurship as either a Family Day Care Provider or Day Care center.  Our training does not provide a certification as a teacher,however the tools necessary to begin the journey are offered with a certificate of completion,referrals to ongoing C.D.A  and class hours gained.  We offer the information necessary to determine whether this is the field that you desire to pursue, we then connect the client with the appropriate agency to continue their journey.   5 week training course.

 Youth Entrepreneurs
Training to prepare youth 16 yrs and older into workforce.  Includes Conflict resolution, Interview techniques, Effective Resume' development, addressing conflict in the workforce, exploring the possibility  of entrepreneurship, networking strategies, job assessment, financial resources, identifying target markets for start up.  Exploring collaborations and their effectiveness.  Work and school how to handle both with success. 4 week training course. 

Job Skills Training
Created to help prepare the youth served with the skills needed to seek employment, interview appropriately, handle job related conflicts, job retention.  Addressing the issues of work and school how to handle both with success.  4 week training course 

Business and Personal Finance 
How to grow your money, balance your checkbook, prepare for possible business development.  Understanding Profit Loss, Funding sources, Networking, employee hiring and development and more. 5 week training course

GED Preparatory course and Exam Prep.
Open to all ages 17years of age and above, to prepare the individuals served to take the High School or GED test.  This course is in collaboration with the Bridgeport Adult education program and Connecticut Works. Length of time depends on the individual and their testing results. Classes are held three days per week, payment options available for those who are not approved through the CT Works program. 

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